The top annoying things other drivers in traffic...

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The top annoying things other drivers in traffic...

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  1. Tailgating – Most dangerous for head on collision and causes traffic jams due to improper car spacing… :auto-car: :auto-car: _-_-_- :auto-car:
  2. Aggressive driving :obscene-birdiered:
  3. Talking on a phone :music-ipod:
  4. Driving with alcohol or drugs :obscene-drinkingchug:
  5. Not signaling :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl:
  6. Staying in the left lane
  7. Fast driving in low inner city blocks
  8. Merging at the last second :auto-swerve:
  9. Overtake on the right
  10. Slow drivers / fast drivers
  11. Dangerous loads not properly secured
  12. Speedbumps :happy-jumpyellow:
  13. Leaving the high beams on
  14. Not cleaning the snow off cars
Tell us, what is your top 3 annoying thing people do in traffic :confusion-questionmarks:
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