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Safety of windows... news report

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:05 pm
by Darkness
I just watched a news report on tv, some new cars come out of the factory with no safety for the door windows...

Meaning if your fingers or children’s fingers get trapped in there, they will most likely be amputated by the window.

This has been reported by the German ADAC, the report added in below

For the Dutch there's a accident reporting site "Meldpunt Ongevallen Elektrische Ramen" (or report accidents electric windows) if you have experienced this.

Sad thing is this costs only a few bucks, and some manufacturers rather go for those dimes putting your safety at risk.

The car in the report was a Renault capture, seems i''m going to change my new car to something else... safety should be mandatory never an option.