Squeeking windshield blades.. and how to clean them...

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Squeeking windshield blades.. and how to clean them...

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Hi, i have had my fair share of windshield blades cleaning in the past, and although i never tried this as of yet, recently I stumbled upon a video on cleaning with WD40, of course then I also found some other video's saying it works only 50/50.

Now I know there's also WD-40 Specialist High Performance Silicone Lubricant Spray which I wanna try out, I think this one will preform much better... let me know if you had any experience with this...

For now back on topic:
  • Clean your window with the appropriate window cleaning solvent (you don't want to clean the blades to be dirty again on the next swipe)
  • Check the rubber for cracks or damage, if there is any, its better to replace them.
  • Use a soft towel or better a microfiber one, make it wet with some soft dish wash soap or your window washing soap (or use the WD-40, i dont have experience in this) and, gently remove the dirt from it, don't put to much pressure on it, this might damage your blades or rubber.
  • Use some clean water after to remove the soap.
This should help, let me know if you have any suggestions on how to do this better... any feedback is welcome... good luck! :handgestures-thumbup:
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